APP featured in PSS Magazine – Closing the Loop and Waste as an Energy Resource

Advanced Plasma Power’s Gasplasma® technology has recently been featured in Public Sector Sustainability Magazine – the official magazine of the Public Sector Sustainability Association.

Now, more than ever before, we need to find renewable energy sources that will meet the needs of the world’s rapidly growing and urbanising population, as well as ensuring a sustainable waste management strategy. Indeed, in November 2013, the Office of National Statistics estimated that the UK population could rise by as much as 10 million – nearly the size of London – by 2037, making these issues all the more pressing. The problems of waste management and increased competition for energy need not have mutually exclusive solutions. By sustainably feeding waste materials back into the system, it is possible to ‘close the loop’ by using waste as a sustainable renewable energy source, thereby alleviating the pressure on fossil fuels…

To read the full article, please click here. The article is featured in Volume 3, Issue 9, Page 28 of the magazine.

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