Innovative energy from waste project gets £1.9m injection

Press Release: 29 Nov 2013

A pioneering project to turn waste into energy has today been fired up by £1.9million of funding from Ofgem’s Gas Network Innovation Competition.

The Swindon-based demonstration project – managed by National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy – will use waste as a feedstock to produce low carbon methane, or bio-substitute natural gas (Bio-SNG).

The plant will take household waste which would otherwise be incinerated or go to landfill, and turn it into gas suitable for injection it into the gas network. This method could play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of heating by unlocking previously untapped sources of low carbon gas and help reach the UK’s binding carbon reduction targets. As part of its work on future energy scenarios, National Grid has identified that decarbonised gas could be a vital part of the energy mix in the coming decades.

Marcus Stewart, Energy Demand Manager, National Grid, said:
“Innovation is at the heart of National Grid’s approach to keeping the gas flowing.

“This £1.9m of funding will be a massive boost to the project, which aims to develop a cleaner way to heat our homes and businesses. We see this as a very important development in the decarbonisation of heat and are pleased that Ofgem share this view”

Rolf Stein, CEO of Advanced Plasma Power, said:
“Green gas, produced using our Gasplama® technology, is a viable, cost-efficient and green alternative to natural gas. Indeed, its expansion could help the UK in realising its ambitions of keeping the lights on, reducing carbon emissions, keepingenergy costs low for consumers and diverting waste from landfill – a truly complete solution”.

Chris Manson-Whitton, Director, Progressive Energy, said:
“Stewarding our waste resources to deliver renewable substitute natural gas to customers is an important and valuable element in delivering low carbon, secure energy supplies.

“We welcome Ofgem’s recognition of the strength of the project and the delivery team. We look forward to demonstrating the technology as a platform for widespread deployment.”

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Notes for Editors:

  1. Ofgem press release 29 November 2013 –
  2. National Grid’s original competition screening submission to Ofgem –
  3. National Grid is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. We own and manage the grids that connect people to the energy they need, from whatever the source. In Britain and the north-eastern states of the US we run systems that deliver gas and electricity to millions of people, businesses and communities. In Britain, we run the gas and electricity systems that our society is built on, delivering gas and electricity across the country. In the North Eastern US, we connect more than seven million gas and electric customers to vital energy sources, essential for our modern lifestyles.
  4. Advanced Plasma Power Limited (APP) is a world leader in advanced waste to energy and advanced fuels technology. APP is revolutionising the way in which we treat waste sustainably by maximising the value from it as a source of materials and energy while minimising the impact of waste on the environment. APP has developed the Gasplasma® process, a clean, modular and scalable advanced waste to energy and fuels technology which delivers high efficiencies whilst minimising visual and environmental impact. The Gasplasma® process is an innovative combination of two well-established technologies – gasification and plasma treatment, both of which have decades of proven commercial operation.
  5. More information about Progressive Energy is available from

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