UK boost to biofuels from waste

The UK Government last week published its long-awaited response to the Road Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) consultation which signals a significant boost to the production of advanced biofuels from waste materials in the UK. This is in line with what many expert organisations, most recently the Royal Academy of Engineering, had been calling for as a way of making a significant and sustainable contribution towards decarbonising our transport sector. For Advanced Plasma Power’s own development activities particularly in the areas of BioSNG and liquid biofuel production, this news is very welcome indeed.

In summary, the response provides that:

  • BioSNG has been included as a development fuel (along with renewable hydrogen and aviation fuels);
  • the development fuel (DRTFC) buy out price is 80p;
  • an increase in the obligation level to 9.75% in 2020, rising to 12.4% in 2032 in order to maintain demand to achieve the UK’s renewable fuel targets;
  • an additional target for development fuels of 0.1% in 2019, rising to 2.8% in 2032;
  • a crop cap at 4% in 2018, reducing in equal increments annually from 2021 to reach 3% in 2026 and 2% in 2032;
  • a clear statement of intent to introduce E10 blending in the UK.

The full details can be accessed under the following link to the Government RTFO consultation response.

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