Rolf Stein featured in LAWR – Technology innovator speaks at Energy from Waste Expo

Advanced Plasma Power’s chief executive Rolf Stein shares his thoughts ahead of Sustainability Live’s new event. Nick Warburton reports.

I understand you will be speaking about an advanced thermal conversion technology that your company has developed. What’s the thinking behind it?

What we’ve developed is something to address a number of challenges and difficulties that exist with conventional waste to energy.

It is compact with a small footprint and has a low environmental and visual impact so the technology can be located close to waste arisings to reduce transport miles and costs but also close to heat users. We have process heat that can be exported to make combined heat and power a reality rather than having to site these plants in the middle of nowhere. That’s a key design factor.

The other key driver is to obtain as much value from the residual material as possible as a fuel and materials resource. We remove recyclates, particularly metals, glass and dense plastics and from the balance extract as much value as possible as a source of energy.

We believe we have certainly one of, if not, the most efficient processes for the conversion of this residual material into electricity but not only electricity. We can also offer other, more flexible, solutions downstream and we are in particular focusing on the production of green gas.

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