Advanced Plasma Power forms Strategic Alliance with Leveraged Green Energy

Advanced Plasma Power (APP) the UK’s first waste to energy company using breakthrough Gasplasma technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with Leveraged Green Energy (‘LGE’), a private equity fund focused on investing in renewable energy assets to deploy APP’s Gasplasma® technology across a number of international markets.

APP has developed breakthrough waste to energy technology using plasma arc processing to produce a clean hydrogen rich gas from municipal and commercial waste.  This fuel gas is used in gas engines/gas turbines and can be used in fuel cells for highly efficient production of renewable power.  The fuel gas can also be converted into liquid fuels such as Methanol.   

The Gasplasma® technology is ready for commercial deployment and the partnership with LGE will open up markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Canada thereby accelerating international roll-out.   

LGE was established in 2007 to focus on projects involving renewable energy and recycling and on investments in energy related technologies. It has chosen the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and North America, especially Canada as its preferred domain of investments. Its management has extensive experience of developing infrastructure and energy projects in these markets and has successfully raised a fund of $100 million to facilitate its business strategy. 

LGE chose APP as its key partner following an extensive review of APP’s technology and plans.

”We are very excited to be joining forces with APP to be able to integrate this technology and to position LGE for the decreasing global dependency of energy from fossil fuel and the tightening health and environmental regulatory requirements regarding waste management for Europe 2020 and beyond,” said Robert M. Clark, Chief Operating Officer of LGE.

APP and LGE have established a joint venture which has an exclusive licence to exploit the Gasplasma® technology by developing waste to energy plants in Central and Eastern Europe and Canada.  Using LGE’s extensive network and proven experience, the Joint Venture has already negotiated a number of potential projects in Southeast Europe and in Canada. 

As part of the strategic partnership and in consideration for the grant of the exclusive licence, LGE is investing $10m directly in APP for a 10% share in the business.

This new alliance delivers a powerful combination of resources, cutting edge technology, experience and network to achieve an important step in renewable Energy Generation.

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