Advanced Plasma Power sign a letter-of-intent with Fiborgtangen Biokraft AS

A 90,000 tonne per year Gasplasma® plant is planned for one of Europe’s largest paper mills, in Norway.

Advanced Plasma Power (“APP”), the UK’s first waste to energy company using breakthrough Gasplasma® technology, has signed a letter-of-intent with Fiborgtangen Biokraft AS (“FBAS”), a Norwegian bioenergy company, to develop a Gasplasma® renewable heat and power plant at the Norske Skogindustrier ASA Fiborgtangen site in Skogn, Norway.

Simon Merriweather, Advanced Plasma Power CEO, said. “The letter of intent between APP and FBAS demonstrates a serious level of commitment between both companies to deliver a cost effective, environmentally beneficial, Gasplasma® plant.  We look forward to providing FBAS a plant which will deliver significant economic improvement to the paper mill and its operation.”

Olav Dehli, Fiborgtangen Biokraft AS Chairman, said. “We are very pleased to be partnering with APP and are confident that the Gasplasma® technology will help us further develop Fiborgtangen as the leading industrial site in Norway providing high value industrial products and clean renewable power, heat and fuel from biomass feedstock. This will improve Norske Skog Skogn’s competitive position along side our other biomass to energy plant already in operation.”

The proposal is to build a Gasplasma® plant on a 2 hectare plot adjacent to the Norske Skog paper mill. It will be both unique and innovative, requiring seamless integration of the Gasplasma® technology into existing energy facilities onsite.

APP will design the Skogn Gasplasma® Plant around standard 90,000 tonne per annum offering, which was recently validated by Fichtner, the international, independent consulting engineers.

The Gasplasma® process uses a fluid bed gasifier to transform the feedstock into a hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (“syngas”); a separate secondary chamber uses a plasma arc to ‘crack’ impurities in the syngas, simultaneously vitrifying chars and ash; gas cooling, cleaning and conditioning equipment then prepares the syngas for renewable electricity generation in standard gas engines or turbines.

Heat from the Gasplasma® plant will be recovered and used across several stages of the paper manufacturing process, increasing the efficient use of the fuel.

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