SEPA and Perth and Kinross council representatives visit Swindon based technology supplier for proposed Grundon gasification plans

Following technical presentations by Grundon and Advanced Plasma Power Ltd (APP) to SEPA and Perth and Kinross planners and environmental health officers in July, representatives from both organisations have made a fact finding visit to the APP head office in Swindon.

The Swindon site also hosts an APP Gasplasma® plant, which would form the core of the facility proposed for Shore Road.

As the eight visitors toured the plant, they saw at first hand how the process takes two well established, well proven technologies – gasification and plasma arc – and combines them into a Gasplasma® system.  They heard how the provider of the fluidised bed gasifier – Energy Products of Idaho (EPI) – has 95 reference plants with over 5 million hours of practical operating experience on over 200 varieties of biomass fuels and waste products, including refuse derived fuel (RDF).

The plasma converter is supplied by APP’s sister company Tetronics, also based at the Swindon site.  Tetronics has been manufacturing and supplying high temperature plasma arc technology since 1964, to around 80 reference plants.

EPI, APP and Tetronics have been working closely together since 2006.

Rolf Stein, Chief Executive Officer of APP says,

“We were delighted to welcome the SEPA and Council representatives to Swindon and show them around our facility.  They spent about three hours touring the operating facility and asked a wide range of questions, covering everything from plant design and technology and types of waste inputs to the different stages in the process.

“Grundon and APP remain confident that we can provide the most sustainable waste management solution for the people of the City of Perth.  The Gasplasma® energy from waste process would turn local waste into local renewable heat and power, as well as producing valuable building material”.

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