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Proven Technology

Gasplasma® combines gasification and plasma conversion which each have years of proven commercial operation. APP’s sister company, Tetronics International, is the world leader in plasma technology and has a long and successful history deploying its patented plasma technology – a key component in APP’s Gasplasma® process – in over 80 installations around the world. Tetronics’ plasma technology has been used at very large scale in a range of applications, including hazardous waste treatment and metal recovery. The Gasplasma® plasma conversion reactor is highly effective at cracking and cleaning the tarry species contained in syngas produced by conventional gasifiers (whatever type) whilst vitrifying any carried over ash.

Whilst the Gasplasma® conversion reactor can be installed downstream of any gasifier, APP has most experience of integrating it with a fluidised bed gasifier which is highly efficient at transforming the organic material in the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) into a crude syngas and offers a good deal of flexibility in terms of scale.  APP’s chosen supplier has deployed more than 100 fluidised bed energy systems providing over five million hours of operating experience.

Leading consulting engineers, Fichtner, along with several other technical advisers and contractors, have undertaken extensive due diligence and produced a number of reports fully validating the process and concluding most recently:

For many years, developers have been trying to convert waste into a gas that can be used in a gas engine for electricity and heat generation. APP has overcome the major obstacle to the use of waste gasification to power such gas engines.Fichtner Consulting

APP have been operating a demonstration plant in Swindon since 2008 which integrates a fluidised bed gasifier with the Gasplasma® conversion reactor to produce a clean and energy-rich syngas which fuels a gas engine on-site.

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